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Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships Market Overview

Auto dealerships is our largest source of work. We do approximately 300 contracts per year of which automotive represents one –third or a hundred jobs. That’s two per week.

Obviously, our primary target is the service area. However, we often (usually) get involved with other areas such as Service Write-Up; Parts; Customer Waiting; Get Ready/ Detail/ Wash Bay; Showroom

The vast majority of contractors with whom we compete might do 3 or 4 automotive jobs per year. We do a hundred. That means that we’ll do more work in YOUR industry in ONE YEAR than our competitors will do in their entire 25 to 35 year history.

Make no mistake about it! We are one of (if not THE) largest and most experienced at doing YOUR type of floors. Since we actually manufacture our own materials we are also going to be the best price “apples to apples”. What more could one ask for – the most experienced and the best price!