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Airplane Hangars

Airplane Hangars Market Overview

When we started out in our business in 1975 airplane hangars floors (particularly for Uncle Sam) were our largest source of work. We actually did “Air Force One” when it was new in 1990.

As we grew from a small ma & pa business in the late 70’s to one of the largest installers in the entire country today (300 jobs annually), hangars continue to be a vital part of our business. We are once again targeting the aviation industry. October of 2009 was our third straight year as a vendor at the NBAA show. Although presently we are only installing 2 to 3 hangar floors per month (that’s probably 20 to 30 more per year than our competitors) we expect our installations to grow exponentially over the next few years.

As if being one of the most experienced wasn’t enough, (we stopped counting at 400 completed hangars), we also manufacture our own materials under the trade name Econo Surf. So, “apples to apples” we’re going to be the best price.