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Bridge Deck Overlays

Bridge Deck Overlays Market Overview

For 40 years we’ve been installing epoxy flooring systems for commercial and industrial applications. Over the past several years we’ve averaged six (6) contracts PER WEEK – 300 annually. Recently we discovered the BRIDGE DECK/DOT market. We suspect that this bridge deck market overlays will become the ETC. in our name.

We’ve come to learn that the vast majority of the companies that are responsible for these epoxy overlays have little or no firsthand experience with resinous flooring systems, nor do the majority of them have the necessary preparation equipment to do this part of their contract themselves. The epoxy concrete overlay or at least the preparation for it is generally subcontracted.

We are over-equipped to do this work. We have enough preparation equipment that we could do three (3) jobs in different parts of the country simultaneously: (6) large volume shot blast units; (6) large volume vacuumized diamond grinders; (4) 75KW to 125KW portable generators, etc. Only (2) grinders, (2) blast heads and (1) generator are required for most jobs.